About us

Our minister, Elaine, is producing Sunday services using appropriate technology. We are hoping to open again on Sunday 6th December.

Welcome to Bury St. Edmunds United Reformed Church, Whiting Street, Bury St. Edmunds.   We are closed at present due to COVID-19

We are a United Reformed Church (URC). The URC was formed in 1972  from the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches (and other small church denominations have joined since). We are a mainstream protestant church, similar in many ways to the Methodists and Baptists. The reformed tradition believes that the Word of God, through the Bible and God’s Spirit, is our guide. It is a partnership between ministers and lay people (everyone else), all having equal access to God.

Our services are fairly informal and we welcome anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance or support or simply wants to find out what we do. Parts of the service  (prayers and some hymns) are centred on the praise and worship of God and other parts (sermon/talk, Bible readings, and some hymns) help us to understand God and how we should respond to God and the world, with all its problems.

People are free to participate or not participate in any part of the service, according to their own beliefs and comfort zones.